Finalists Chosen for CRI’s Cohort 6

Eighteen individuals comprising 15 startups advanced to the Finals pitch competition to join Chain Reaction Innovations’ Cohort 6. A broad range of energy innovations are represented in this year’s applicants, including energy storage, circular economy, quantum information systems, manufacturing, materials and renewable energy.

CRI focused on inclusive innovation during its recruiting for Cohort 6, believing good ideas come from many sources. As a result Cohort 6 applicants were the most diverse group to date.

The 18 will pitch their startups’ technology during the virtual final competition on February 22-23rd, 2022. The event is open to the public. See the Finals schedule.

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Congratulations to Cohort 6 Finalists

Zachary Berquist, Transparent Refractory Aerogels

Ryan Goethals, Metal-Air Harvester

Kristian Gubsch, Low-cost, Low Carbon Acrylonitrile

Ryan Hackler & Robert Kennedy, Chemical Recycling of Plastic Waste to Higher Value Lubricants

Thomas Horseman, Solar-powered Water Treatment Technology

Brandon Howe, High Critical Field Strength Ultrawide Bandgap Gallium Oxide for Energy-Efficient High-Power Electronics

John Krzeminski, High Power, Light Weight, Range Extender Internal Combustion Engine

Tae Hwan Lim, Distributed Direct Air Capture System

Vikas Nandwana, Oleophilic Hierarchical Multi-functional (OHM) Membrane

Christopher Nicholas, Bio-based Acrylics from Lactic Acid

Joanne Rodriguez, Mycoremediation of Waste into New Materials

Michelle Ruiz, Valorization of Wastewater for Nutritious Food Product Production

George Sadler, Magnetic Induction for Industrial Thermal Processing

Manish Kumar Singh & Sean Sullivan, Silicon-compatible Integrated Platform for Quantum Communication

Ever Valasquez & Adam Uliana, Ion Solutions – Advanced Adsorbents and Multifunctional Membrane Separation



Chain Reaction Innovations (CRI) is a two-year program for innovators focusing on energy and science technologies. Through an annual call for innovators, four to six teams will be selected to join CRI. Program participants will receive the financial and technical support needed to perform early-stage research and development (R&D) that may launch energy or manufacturing businesses in the future.

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