Chain Reaction Innovations’ impact is far-reaching as it enters its fifth year of embedding entrepreneurs at Argonne National Laboratory. CRI’s first cohort graduated in June 2019, amassing millions in investment. The combined total raised by CRI innovators through December 2020 is more than $57 million. In addition, the program helped create 105 jobs to date.

Innovators and the CRI team work together to advance cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to improve not only our nation’s outlook, but that of the world. This page is dedicated to showcasing some of the many impacts realized by the CRI program.

NUMiX Materials Poised to Revolutionize Heavy Metal Harvesting

NUMiX Materials, the brainchild of CEO Katie Kollhoff and her team of multi-disciplinary engineers, has an ambitious vision. The company seeks to help stabilize the U.S. critical materials supply chain by harvesting metals from electric car batteries that otherwise would end up in landfills. Currently these metals are imported but the goal is to re-use them, making the U.S. less dependent upon overseas production.

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On the Roof – Prototype Installed for Harnessing Wind Energy

Near the center of Argonne National Laboratory’s sprawling, 1,700-acre campus sits Building 212, an industrial-looking, red-brick structure that was built decades ago. It’s had a recent rooftop addition – one that could have major implications on the U.S. renewable energy market.

Erika Boeing, Founder and CEO of Accelerate Wind, reached a milestone for her startup: installing a prototype airfoil and wind turbine at Argonne.

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Closing A $4.8M Investment Round For Sustainable Protein

Emergy Foods has raised $4.8 million series seed from major investors that will help the company advance plans for producing sustainable protein. This includes moving its headquarters from Chicago to Boulder, Colorado in June; adding staff; and advancing its research and development capabilities and as well as its production space.

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Improving Combustion through Plasma: FGC Plasma Solutions

Felipe Gomez del Campo, a startup founder and CEO as well as a graduate of Chain Reaction Innovations (CRI), is developing new ways of improving combustion with the help of plasma. Plasma is a state of matter similar to a gas but with many charged, energetic particles. Gomez del Campo’s company, FGC Plasma Solutions, is using plasma to transform combustion technologies used in aerospace, national security, and other energy-related fields.

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