SEED Internship

SEED Internship Program

Chain Reaction Innovations (CRI), the entrepreneurship program at Argonne National Laboratory, created a new internship program to empower Chicago college students from under-resourced communities to pursue and excel in STEM careers. The goal is to seed and grow STEM skills beyond the classroom and into the career realm.

CRI Cohort 5 innovator, Niall O’Dowd, CEO of Additive Monitoring Systems, works with SEED interns Broc Pashia and Alexander Urbanski.

The Students for Energy & Entrepreneurial Development (SEED) intern program offers students two exciting ways to combat climate change through either STEM or business internships with CRI’s clean energy startup companies while simultaneously creating a comprehensive pipeline for students to make an impact through science careers.

This program will not only acquaint students with ways to combat climate change through clean energy technologies, it will also provide hands-on science or business experience.


What You Offer

Are you interested to learn how science can address climate change? Would you like to work with a clean energy startup company either in a STEM or business capacity? If you’re passionate about making an impact, we invite you to apply!

What We Provide

We pair you with a CRI startup, based on compatible interests. You’ll have a mentor who designs your internship to fit your skills and interests in clean energy science or business. By the time your internship concludes, you’ll have a work project that frames your internship experience and have gained networking opportunities to continue your path forward with our support.

Internships begin May 31st and will be completed on August 5th, 2022. Learn more about the SEED internship.


  • Chicago-based college students
  • Summer 2022 Pilot
  • Collaborative partnerships between CRI, Argonne and CRI’s startup companies
  • Career development focus


  • Paid internship
  • Entrepreneurial experience
  • Hands-on scientific and technical work
  • Skill building with inclusive support
  • Mentorship and professional networking
  • Flexible work schedule

Applications are now closed.

STEM SEED Internship Application

Business SEED Internship Application

The SEED Internship program supports the Argonne in Chicago initiatives.

For questions about Chain Reaction Innovations, the start-up companies or CRI-based programming contact [email protected].

For questions about the internship programs, onboarding or next steps contact [email protected]

What is CRI?

Chain Reaction Innovations (CRI) embeds clean energy startups at Argonne National Laboratory to accelerate their technologies and bring them to market sooner than would otherwise be possible. The two-year fellowship offers access to Argonne’s world class labs and equipment along with mentorship by Argonne scientists and support from the CRI team.

CRI innovators focus on one of the most important challenges–climate change. The program’s goal is to help innovators meet the net zero carbon emissions goals to mitigate climate change.

Over the six years CRI has been in existence, the impact of the program’s startups has been considerable.