Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

At Chain Reaction Innovations, we are proud to support diversity and inclusion as essential elements of our program. Fostering a welcoming environment provides access to a wealth of creativity and potentially world-changing innovations.

“In each of our annual solicitation cycles and throughout our program, we ensure our processes are as inclusive as possible, and take several measures, including implicit bias training, and intentionally advertising to a diverse portfolio of universities to bolster the team’s ability to be as objective as possible during our outreach for, and review of applicants.”

Inclusive Innovation

Good ideas can come from anywhere. Inclusive innovation means that all aspects–from the inception of the technology to the users to the innovators themselves–are diverse. Inclusive innovations assures that there is diversity, equity and inclusion built into the entire entrepreneurship process

Similarly, the selection processes used to select our Panelists and Advisory Council members are inclusive, widely-encompassing, and as equally reviewed as our Cohorts. Our final decisions are made based on qualifications and standardized selection criteria that is not exclusive of any applicants, panelists or council members.

CRI is empowering innovators to drive the technologies that will improve global stability for our future generations.

Who We Are

A benefit of CRI’s cohort model is that it brings together a diverse group of people with expertise that spans many clean energy sectors.

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CRI startup working at Argonne National Laboratory with PI

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