Chad Husko

Project: Integrated hybrid silicon lasers

Chad is a physicist specializing in nanoscale optical materials and devices. Chad’s research aims to harness emerging materials for applications in silicon photonics for energy-efficient computing and data centers.

Chad is currently the Alexei Abrikosov Fellow at Argonne National Laboratory, where he leads a research program on hybrid silicon lasers. Prior to joining Argonne, Chad was a DECRA Fellow at the University of Sydney (Australia), with a focus on integrated nanophotonics and low-energy optical nonlinearities. As a principal investigator, Chad has successfully managed multi-year research programs. Research results from these positions include publications in Nature Photonics,Nature Communications, and invited talks at international conferences. Chad has co-authored 30 peer-reviewed papers, given more than 20 seminars around the world, and holds three pending or issued patents. While a Fulbright Scholar, he was a guest researcher at the industrial company Thales Research & Technology in Paris.

Chad is actively involved in the Optical Society (OSA), a global professional society with more than 20,000 members working in academic, industrial, and government positions across 100 countries. Chad’s recent roles in the OSA include serving in the inaugural class of the “Ambassador” program to promote professional development activities for members, and as committee chair of several OSA society awards. In 2017, Chad received the designation of “OSA Senior Member” for his technical and service contributions.

Chad holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in Applied Physics from Columbia University (New York) and B.S. degrees in Physics and Mathematics from Loyola University Chicago.