Justin Whiteley

Justin Whiteley

Project: Carbon material synthesis through sustainable bio-manufacturing methods

Dr. Justin Whiteley is an electrochemist and materials scientist whose specialty lies in the field of electrochemical devices, namely lithium-ion batteries and super capacitors. He is currently the chief technology officer and co-founder at Emergy, LLC, which focuses on advanced carbon material synthesis through biofabrication. He is passionate about societal improvement through energy storage and waste utilization. Prior to graduate school, Justin served as a project manager at the STARS Alliance, which relicenses nuclear reactors in the western United States. He has also spent time as a materials engineer in the nuclear industry as well as in construction management and architecture.

Justin has authored more than 10 peer-reviewed publications and holds multiple patents.
 He received his Ph.D. and M.S. in mechanical engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder under the guidance of Dr. Sehee Lee. He received his B.S. in mechanical and nuclear engineering from the University of California at Berkeley.


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