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  • Growing A Startup With A Big Impact From A Tiny Fungi

    Entrepreneur Tyler Huggins grew up in rural Montana in a family of loggers and miners. But he wanted to have a larger impact on society as a whole, so he decided to launch a startup. He looked at many options, but they just didn't have the impact he craved. Until he met Justin Whiteley, a fellow entrepreneur who had been working to build next-generation battery technology near Silicon Valley. The pair formed Emergy. Read More

  • Growing a startup with a big impact from a tiny fungi

    Huggins and Whiteley launched their startup while post docs at the University of Colorado-Boulder and moved to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory in January after earning a spot in Chain Reaction Innovations, the lab’s new program to accelerate cleantech innovation by growing entrepreneurs. Read More

  • Waiting to Protect Intellectual Property Could Doom Your Startup

    McCareins recently sat down with Pete Slawniak, an intellectual property lawyer at Argonne National Laboratory, and advisor to Argonne’s startup incubator called Chain Reaction Innovations. Their conversation touched on what startups of all stripes should know about … Read More

  • Innovators drawn to Illinois by Argonne National Laboratory’s entrepreneurship program

    Developing a great idea into a technology that impacts the market and the world is difficult. Doing so with an energy- or ­science-based technology can seem nearly impossible for ­entrepreneurs. Complex tech­nical ­challenges, long develop­ment cycles, expensive lab ­equipment, and impatient ­investors ­create high hurdles … Read More

  • Plasma-assisted fueling for jets

    One of the innovators at Argonne National Laboratory's Chain Reaction Innovations Program, is Felipe Gomez del Campo, a twenty something who hopes to confirm his theory that plasma can fuel jet engines. This Miami native has been working on this project since he used it for one of his science projects. Now this millennial who has visited the White House to talk about his project is working in Chicago with a team of engineers who are putting in a lot of money and research into his idea. If this is proven to be accurate, this hardware application could potentially save the airline industry millions of dollars. Read More

  • Research looks into ethanol opportunity

    Ethanol is commonly used as a gasoline substitute, but an engineering startup sees the potential to use the corn-based fuel as a cleaner, renewable substitute for diesel fuel as well. BJ Johnson, a mechanical engineer and CEO of ClearFlame Engines, said his company is optimizing … Read More

  • Thought Leaders and Experts Join National Graphene Association Advisory Board

    The National Graphene Association has announced the initial 35 members of an unrivaled advisory board of thought leaders and experts from commercial and industrial segments, advanced material and technology companies and corporations, national labs, government agencies, investment firms, standard bodies and academic and research institutions. Read More

  • 20 in Their 20s

    By age 23, Felipe Gomez del Campo had been to the White House, met President Barack Obama and had his startup judged by Mark Cuban. Now he operates it out of Argonne National Laboratory. Read More

  • The Chicago Inno Beat: The Big One

    We spy quite a few tech names on Crain's 20 in their 20's list, including BallotReady cofounders Aviva Rosman and Alex Niemczewski, Cleverbridge technical lead Steph Milovic, Seed CX cofounders Edward Woodford and Brian Liston, cofounder/CEO Luke Liu, and FGC Plasma founder Felipe Gomez del Campo. Congrats! Read More

  • Keynoter tells DuPage business conference change is accelerating

    The DuPage County Regional Business Outlook event brings together local business owners, executives, government and education leaders to share insights on the regional and national economic landscape, as well as to discuss best practices and growing potential in today’s economy. Among the speakers was John Carlisle, … Read More


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  • Finalists Chosen for CRI's Cohort 6

    Eighteen individuals comprising 15 startups advanced to the Finals pitch competition to join Chain Reaction Innovations’ Cohort 6. A broad range of energy innovations are represented in this year’s applicants, including energy storage, circular economy, quantum information systems, manufacturing, materials and renewable energy. CRI focused … Read More

  • Semi-finalists Chosen for Cohort 6

    Thirty-two individuals comprising 28 startups were chosen to advance to the semi-finals and compete to join Chain Reaction Innovations’ Cohort 6. A broad range of energy innovations are represented in this year’s applicants, including energy storage and generation, water, decarbonization, circular economy, quantum, manufacturing, and … Read More

  • Chain Reaction Innovations Team Recognized by UChicago Board of Governors

    Chain Reaction Innovations’ (CRI) leadership team was recently recognized by the UChicago Argonne Board of Governors with a Distinguished Performance Award. The Award is given annually to honor lab achievements and celebrate their impact, thereby strengthening the core values of Argonne National Laboratory. The Distinguished … Read More

  • Chain Reaction Innovations Startup Raises $17 Million

    ClearFlame Engine Technologies, a Chain Reaction Innovations (CRI) startup dedicated to development of net-zero engine technology, recently secured $17 million in Series A financing to support commercialization of the company’s innovative engine technology for the long-haul trucking, agriculture and power generation sectors. The … Read More

  • CRI Startup Releases SuperstaQ

    Chain Reaction Innovations Cohort 4 startup releases first product aimed at enabling the adoption of quantum computing years sooner than otherwise possible There’s a lot of hype around quantum. The technology is still very new yet there is enormous potential for … Read More