You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Diversity, to Sanza Kazadi, is deeper than the business or entrepreneurship realm. It applies to his daily life.

Sanza Kazadi

Growing up in a multicultural family and forming one himself, he makes it a point to shape his workplace the same way he lives on the daily. He hopes that the same way he and his team can better the livelihoods of local communities through his entrepreneurship journey, progress can be made to support Congo, where his father is from, through humanitarian work he has undertaken.

Kazadi sees diversity as an array of ideas and experiences. It goes beyond ethnic layers or knowledge backgrounds. It is about the history and perseverance of each individual and how they use them to contribute to a common purpose. Indeed, one cannot broaden their horizons if they only surround themselves with like-minded people.

Kazadi recalls himself to be an entrepreneur for as long as he can remember. Having had the opportunity to try new things and discover new experiences, he seeks to provide the same opportunities to the people he works with. He pushes for gender equality and representation in his hiring and development process at Kazadi Enterprises, which is developing a technology platform and products that leverage environmental thermal energy to accomplish heating and cooling, water purification, and electrical power production.

“Diversity is key to growth.” –S. Kazadi

With his multicultural mindset, he brings his employees and people into roles they have never worked in to bring them exposure to things they have never seen before. As they learn new ways of doing things, Kazadi also continues to be a student of life and learn from those around him.

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