Demo Day 2020


Thanks to all who attended virtual Demo Day 2020! It was a resounding success. If you’d like to view a video recording of the entire event, please see below. Also check out the CRI innovators’ pitch videos (also below) that were presented at the event or read the news story. Finally, save the date for next year’s Demo Day 2021–September 21


Chain Reaction Innovations, the Entrepreneurship Program at Argonne National Laboratory, will host a virtual Demo Day 2020 featuring the three Lab-Embedded Entrepreneurship Programs on September 15 from 2 – 5 p.m Central time.    EVENT AGENDA

Please join us immediately after the closing remarks to network with the innovators at their virtual booths.

This year a record 17 startups from Chain Reaction Innovations, Innovation Crossroads at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Cyclotron Road at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory will take part in this event that showcases all three Lab-Embedded Entrepreneurship Programs supported by the Department of Energy.

CRI is the Midwest’s first entrepreneurship program to embed innovators in a national laboratory.

In accordance with state guidelines, this event will be entirely virtual.



CRI Cohort 3 companies pitching include:


logo of Caporus Technologies




Dielective Materials for Capacitive Energy Storage

View Caporus Pitch Video

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logo of Celadyne Technologies




Nanocomposites for Elevated Temperature Hydrogen Technologies

View Celadyne Pitch Video

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Quantum Dot Sensors & Displays

View NanoPattern Pitch Video

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Water Treatment Sorbents

View NUMiX Pitch Video

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Biosensors for Public Health Applications

View Stemloop Pitch Video

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Innovation Crossroads companies pitching include:

View Company info here:


Mixer Systems for the Hydroentanglement Process          Active Multispectral Light field (AMLF) Micro-Optics



Medical Grade Radioisotope Production                          Large-scale Purification of High-value Dielectrics



Monitoring/Control of Commercial Refrigeration           Cryogenic Sample Preparation Device



Microbial Electrolysis Systems

Cyclotron Road companies pitching include:



Paintable Optical Coatings                                                       Enabling 1000x Improvements in Computing


Making Wireless Power Matter                                                    Clean, Affordable Cogeneration of Hydrogen



Democratizing Micro- and Nanofabrication

About Chain Reaction Innovations

Chain Reaction Innovations is a two-year program for entrepreneurs focusing on energy and science technologies. Selected annually through an application call, the program enables innovators to work on their technology full-time, reduce R&D time, and de-risk technologies with the help of leading experts and equipment from a national laboratory. Each cohort works to build their innovations into market-ready businesses.  CRI is located at Argonne and supported by area mentors from the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Chicago, mHUB and others in the innovation ecosystem.

Chain Reaction Innovations is part of the Lab-Embedded Entrepreneurship Programs from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE). EERE created the Lab-Embedded Entrepreneurship Programs to provide an institutional home for innovative postdoctoral researchers to build their research into products and train to be entrepreneurs. The program is funded by EERE’s Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO).

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