Diversity Happens by Creating and Sharing New Visions

Khalid Allam is the co-founder and CEO of Stemloop, a synthetic biology startup unlocking the power of biological sensors.

Khalid Alam

As most entrepreneurs hope, Stemloop’s ability to overcome the local challenges will strengthen its capacity for global impact. Without a doubt, Allam is well on his way to doing so.

He shows great enthusiasm when discussing what diversity means to him and why is it important. At his company, it means creating an environment that fosters ways to incorporate an all inclusive team that shows up everyday with the best and unique version of themselves.

Allam finds it important for those in Stemloop to share their mix of contributions. Diversity happens through creating and sharing new visions, and subsequently having a greater impact. One of his main goals is to offer a proper customer experience, which represents his company’s vision and doing so means finding the right people to raise awareness.

Through his goal of helping underserved communities, which are vulnerable and often do not have the proper representation, Alam prioritizes forming teams that are able to attest and advocate for these communities.  The people he surrounds himself with offer a unique touch, which ultimately reflects in the strides Stemloop has made to positively impact local groups in Chicago and its surrounding areas.

“Diversity…means creating an environment that fosters ways to incorporate an all inclusive team that shows up everyday with the best and unique version of themselves.” –K. Alam

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