Create a Lasting Legacy With Your Work

Thanks for your interest in Chain Reaction Innovations. If you are interested in joining Cohort 4 (2020-2022), you may submit an application

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It takes a special type of innovator to tackle the world’s greatest challenges in energy and science. And it takes a special type of program to help that innovator succeed.

Chain Reaction Innovations (CRI) wants to ensure innovators who are pursuing transformational technologies thrive by giving them an unparalleled level of support that will bridge the chasm between the creation of an idea and its readiness for the marketplace.

Most energy- and science-based technology ideas wither and die in this void, unable to secure the financial, technical, and business support required to endure the long development and initial prototype phases. CRI provides this support system for the best and brightest innovators.

Starting with Cohort 4, CRI will now be accepting applications in any technology area that can leverage the vast resources available at Argonne.

Argonne Chain Reaction Innovations: John Carlisle, Director of Chain Reaction Innovations, talks how CRI provides a unique opportunity to energy entrepreneurs to move their tech to market.