Finalists Chosen for CRI’s Cohort 7

Eighteen individuals comprising 16 startups advanced to the Finals pitch competition to join Chain Reaction Innovations’ Cohort 7. A broad range of energy innovations are represented in this year’s applicants, including energy storage and generation, decarbonization, circular economy, manufacturing, materials and vehicle technologies and materials.

The 16 startups will pitch their technology during the virtual final competition on March 29th at Argonne National Laboratory. The event is open to the public and registration information will be released soon.

Cohort 7 Finalists

David Brost, Human-Centered Machine Learning Algorithm for Utilities and Households

Terence Collier, Enabling CO2 Recycling to Hydrocarbons Fuels Using 3D Nanoparticles

Revanth Damerla, Grasp Robotics – Robotic Hand with Human Hand Capabilities

Tim Fairley-Wax, Biomembrane Filtration: Unlocking Energy Recovery from Waste Streams

Brittany Kendrick, Hydronomy Inc

Berk Diler Kovos, SynthBits: Illuminating Designer Quantum Bits for Sensing

John Krzeminski, REV force – Technology to Decarbonize and Reduce Engine Emissions

Julie Ming Liang, Bacterial Secretion for High Efficiency Protein Production

Alexis Noelli Pena & Lauren Blake, Man-Made Bioengineered Protein-Based Fibers to Replace Petroleum-Derived Textiles

Cory Perkins, Low-Cost Materials and Processes for Coating Glass Used in Solar Markets

Mason Rodriguez Rand & Kevin O’Sullivan, Recycling of Molten Salts in Pyroprocessing for Advanced Nuclear

Rawand Rasheed, Retrofit Dehumidifier for Substantial Air Conditioner Energy Reduction

Tim Ritter, High Entropy Materials for High-Capacity Lithium-Ion Batteries

Laura Stoy, Recycling of Coal Fly Ash for Rare Earths and Concrete

Patrick Sullivan, Safe, Sustainable, and Affordable Flux XII Flow Battery

Husam Wadi, Cognizance Operation At-The-Wire in Distributed Energy Resources

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