Project Opportunities: Radioisotope Battery Development – Radioisotope Batteries and Portable Nuclear Power Supplies for Military, Space, and Remote Applications

Atlas Energy Systems, LLC is developing a direct energy conversion mechanism to turn ionizing radiation into electricity at Argonne National Lab through the Chain Reaction Innovations program. The energy conversion technology will be applied to radioisotope batteries and portable nuclear power supplies for various applications. The project revitalizes old technologies developed by NASA in the 1970s to increase the efficiency of nuclear batteries. The technology is being developed at Argonne National Lab using an electron beam to simulate radioisotopes.

As an ARE Program participant, you will aide in the following development tasks:

  • Research of previous and similar technologies
  • Mathematical analysis of system design
  • Modeling and optimization
  • Nuclear code modeling (MCNP, GEANT4) if applicable
  • Lots of hands-on physical construction of experiments
  • Design and optimization
  • Running pre-compiled plasma modeling software

We are looking for candidates who may:

  • Have knowledge of thermionic energy converters or direct energy conversion systems
  • Have experience in plasma physics
  • Have interest or knowledge of radioisotope and nuclear batteries
  • Have design or modeling experience; specifically related to energy converters or nuclear devices
  • Have nuclear reactor criticality design experience
  • Have nuclear code experience (MCNP, GEANT4, etc.)
  • Have any research experience

Candidates should have a B.S. or M.S. in Nuclear, Electrical, Mechanical, or Materials Science Engineering or Physics.

Desired qualifications:

  • Knowledge of MATLAB or Python for mathematical modeling
  • Knowledge of MCNP or GEANT4 for radiation and neutron simulation
  • Experience designing thermionic energy converters or other direct energy conversion devices
  • Experience with criticality modeling of nuclear reactor cores
  • Experience with plasma modeling
  • Experience with grant writing
  • General research experience

Project Lead contact information:

Ian Hamilton CEO, Atlas Energy Systems, LLC

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