TEDx prepares for first campus conference

On Dec. 3, TEDxCWRU will be hosting “Breaking Ground,” its fittingly-named debut conference as a TED-affiliated student group. The organization, started last year by current President Cian Desai, is Case Western Reserve University’s first foray into the world of TED Talks.

The fifth and final speaker will be Felipe Gomez del Campo. The promotional materials released by TEDxCWRU describe del Campo as “an inventor, entrepreneur and recent alum and current graduate student of Case Western Reserve University.” Del Campo turned his high school science fair project about experimenting with how flames interact with electric fields to demonstrate how plasma could help jets use their fuel more efficiently. This turned into a start up, FGC Plasma Solutions, that has the technological potential to save U.S. airlines 600 million dollars annually in fuel costs. Del Campo will be presenting on how he applied lessons learned on the CWRU swim team to entrepreneurship.

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