• Energy Technology Incubator Offers 2 Years of Funding and Technical Aid

    Innovators working on energy and science technologies can get two years worth of financial and technical support by applying to a new incubator at Argonne National Laboratory. The application period opened July 12 for the incubator named Chain Reaction Innovations. Applications are due by 5 … Read More

  • Progress on President Obama’s “Lab to Market” Initiative

    Argonne National Laboratory scientist Ralph Muehleisen describes why he took the path of commercializing his technology through a startup. Muehleisen worked with Lab-Corps and entrepreneurs to market Sonic Leak Quantifier (SonicLQ) a technology that uses sound to locate air leaks in buildings and determine the … Read More

  • Chain Reaction Innovations Opens the Application Process for Mentor Partners

    Argonne National Laboratory believes that the impact of Chain Reaction Innovations is maximized via public-private partnerships. Argonne is seeking one or more not-for-profit, private sector or university incubator collaborators for such a partnership. Read More

  • Argonne Launches First Tech Incubator

    Developing transformative energy technologies and cleaner manufacturing processes and new materials requires more than a great idea and some committed people. It takes an innovation ecosystem. Read More


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  • Argonne OutLoud: Innovation, Argonne and the Evolving Energy Economy

    John Carlisle, director of the Chain Reaction Innovations (CRI) program at Argonne, provides an overview of changes in the energy economy and a glimpse into how Argonne is creating new solutions to address these changes – and new opportunities for scientists to connect with innovation. Read More

  • Innovation on display during Chain Reaction Innovations’ Demo Day

    For 18 months entrepreneurs in the first cohort of Chain Reaction Innovations (CRI), an early stage entrepreneurship program at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory, have been honing technologies that promote energy efficiency and a more sustainable future. Funded by the Advanced … Read More

  • Second Chain Reaction Innovations cohort: “Ted” Jung Woo Seo

    Ted is currently devoted to the commercialization efforts of an advanced electrode fabrication technology, which provides a comprehensive and generalizable solution that affords high stability and electrochemical performance to conventional lithium-ion battery materials. Read More

  • Second Chain Reaction Innovations cohort: Chad Husko

    Chad is a physicist specializing in nanoscale optical materials and devices. Chad’s research aims to harness emerging materials for applications in silicon photonics for energy-efficient computing and data centers. Read More

  • Second Chain Reaction Innovations cohort: Veronika Stelmakh

    Veronika is the co-founder and CEO of Mesodyne, Inc. At Chain Reaction Innovations, Veronika will be developing a portable power generator based on a thermophotovoltaic technology that she developed with Walker Chan at MIT’s Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies. The solution can reduce the weight and … Read More